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If your organisation needs volunteers, you may advertise for volunteers on the Volunteering SA&NT website.  It’s free, fast and easy. For added exposure, there are the Volunteering SA&NT, GoVolunteer and SEEK Volunteer websites. Volunteering SA&NT member organisations can receive further assistance with online advertisements. 

Of course, there are many other ways to reach out to volunteers and most volunteer involving organisations employ multiple strategies to attract high quality volunteers.

  • promote volunteering on your organisation’s website – have a dedicated page on your website that describes roles and programs and includes contact details for interested parties to get in touch.
  • advertise through local media – don’t underestimate the power of small, targeted local advertisements. Ask for a slot in a local newsletter, put up a poster at the nearest supermarket, or get in touch with your local radio station who may have community notice style segments on-air which let you share information about volunteering.
  • connect with other local organisations – reach out to places near your organisation (service providers, schools, businesses, community centres, sporting clubs etc.) and see if there is a way you could connect their staff, clients or visitors with your volunteering opportunities.
  • attend community events – connecting with people in-person has a big impact. See if there are any expos, fetes, or other community events you could become involved with. 

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Note: Volunteer involving organisations must be not-for-profit and have Public Liability and Voluntary Workers Personal Accident Insurance.
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