Volunteering SA&NT

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State of Volunteering

Volunteering SA&NT,  supported by the Department of Human Services, is proud to be developing the first-ever State of Volunteering Report for South Australia. This report will aim to capture the impact, value, diversity, and contributions of volunteers across the state.

Volunteering SA&NT has also commissioned a separate report that will capture the impact, value, diversity, and contributions of volunteers – from the volunteer manager perspective – across the Northern Territory.

The reports will celebrate and share the volunteering efforts of both SA and the NT and will align with the State of Volunteering Reports currently being undertaken by volunteering peaks in each state and territory.

The reports are being prepared by Volunteering SA&NT and the Institute of Project Management. 

State and Territory-wide surveys (June - July 2023)

South Australia and the Northern Territory’s reports will be founded on extensive research and consultations of the volunteering ecosystem, including in-depth surveys of volunteers and volunteer managers across SA and the NT.

The Volunteer Managers Surveys heard from those who manage and lead volunteers across SA and the NT (whether in a paid or unpaid role). Their experiences, perspectives, and valuable insights, will inform the development of each report, and help us shape the future of volunteer-involvement in SA and the NT

A state-wide survey of volunteers was conducted in South Australia, to capture the diverse range of volunteer experiences in the state.

Volunteering in aged care focus groups (August - December 2023)

South Australia’s report will include an analysis of volunteering in aged care. As the aged care sector in SA grows and evolves, the role of volunteers is having to adapt alongside it. Through a series of focus groups held with various representatives from the aged care sector, we will develop and overview of volunteering in aged care, how volunteer engagement has changed over time, and look toward the future of volunteering in aged care services.