Volunteering SA&NT

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The Australian Government, through the Department of Social Services, has introduced a funding program known as the ‘Volunteer Management Activity’ (VMA).  

The objective of the VMA is to increase opportunities for people to participate in the social and economic life of their community through volunteering. It will mean a thriving, more inclusive and diverse volunteering culture which meets the changing demands for capable and committed volunteers in communities across Australia.

The focus of VMA

  • The delivery of online services in volunteer management to build the capacity of volunteer involving organisations
  • Breaking down barriers to volunteering for identified priority groups:
    • First Nations Peoples 
    • Newly Arrived Migrants
    • People with Disability
    • Vulnerable Women
    • Young People
    • People who are unemployed
  • An increase of service coverage across regional, rural and remote areas.

There are tools and resources to assist with best practice in volunteer management, recruitment and training of volunteers. Plus, assistance with risk management and meeting regulatory obligations.

There will be opportunities, through surveys and group discussions, for organisations to provide their input on how to better support volunteer management into the future.

Working together to make volunteering better

Volunteering SA&NT is partnering with external organisations eg. local councils, government departments, volunteer resource centres and community organisations, to support the outcomes of the VMA, but delivering projects that will build capacity of volunteer involving organisations to increase volunteer engagement with identified priority groups.  

The aim isn’t to duplicate or support existing services, projects or activities. It’s to support new projects which may include, but are not limited to:

  • Resources development
  • Training and information sessions for volunteers and volunteer managers
  • Case studies, research and surveys
  • Small projects and activities
  • Promotional materials
  • Videos and social media content
  • Equipment, IT and software

Find out about current Project Partners below.

Intersectional volunteering project

Through the Volunteer Management Activity funding, Volunteering SA&NT has been exploring new ways to broaden inclusion and diversity in the volunteer sector. We know there are stakeholders in our communities who are currently undervalued and underrepresented as volunteers, but we know they are contributing so much to the community.One group we would like to learn more from about volunteering are young, Aboriginal women.

VSA&NT will be doing this over a 12-month project through a series of workshops with young, Aboriginal women based in metropolitan Adelaide. This is a novel initiative and VSA&NT are delighted to be working with Dana Shen, a Ngarrindjeri Chinese woman who has extensive expertise in working with Aboriginal communities and organisations, facilitation, working with those with lived experience and consultation and co-design.

Female Aboriginal Australian Student Holding Laptop She Designed And Painted Herself

Co-design principles are underpinning the project through a series of lived experience workshops, and genuinely listening to and learning from young, Aboriginal women. Their voices will guide the direction of the project. This may be a new concept for volunteering involving organisations, and VSA&NT will be sharing our learnings along the way with the wider volunteer sector. 

We are curious and excited to see how this project develops and evolves over time. Stay tuned for further updates.